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Below are some examples of ways that DashboardQ can help improve your business processes.

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Some Examples

Email Parsing

DashboardQ can provide sophisticated tools that can read emails and email attachments and then perform an action if certain criteria is met (for example, the software could send a text message notification, update some data, condense a report, send an automated email response, check an excel file, update an excel file, and many other tasks).

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Browser Plugin For 3rd Party Websites

Do you have a supplier or client website you have to regularly work with that is not user friendly, difficult to navigate, or tedious to input information? A custom browser plugin can add features to a website that make it much easier to use. A browser plugin can improve styling and formatting of information or it can set default information for a form you regularly fill out. Browser plugins have the potential to be really powerful depending on your needs; for example, a browser plugin could notify you when new information is added to a website you need to monitor.

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If you need help with a Shopify customization, DashboardQ can handle just about any task that is possible on the platform.


With extensive experience building WooCommerce customizations, DashboardQ can build fully custom eCommerce tools.

Online Payments

If you would like to process payments or eChecks online, DashboardQ can setup easy to use payment systems.

Excel Parsing and Generation

Excel is the swiss army knife for many businesses. DashboardQ can create tools that work with Excel or generate Excel files based on the data that you provide.

Data Aggregation

Your business receives data from numerous sources every single day. DashboardQ can provide systems to aggregate the data and then provide a single location where you can search or generate valuable reports.

Schedule Building

When you are managing employees, a fleet of trucks, or service calls, figuring out schedules and timing can be a very difficult process. DashboardQ can provide you with the tools you need to make building schedules and distributing those schedules a breeze.

Quote Builder

If you have to regularly create quotes for potential clients, DashboardQ can create a custom Quote Buider that would allow you to quickly input the necessary info which would then generate a full quote. It could also automatically email the quote to your client's email address if you wanted.

Custom Maps

Your business needs to monitor data and information. Sometimes maps can significantly help you visualize important information to help you make decisions. DashboardQ can combine custom data with maps to give you visualizations that gives you a leg up on your competitors.

PDF Generation

Sometimes you need to create PDF files to share with clients, colleagues, suppliers, or government agencies. DashboardQ can create simple tools to help you quickly generate these files.

Quickbooks/Xero/Accounting Automation

Do you enter a lot of information into Quickbooks, Xero, or other accounting systems? DashboardQ can create custom tools that will speed up or automate data entry and reconciliation. Instead of paying an assistant to tediously enter and verify information, DashboardQ's tools can improve and speed up your processes.

Service Monitoring

Do you need to know when some new information appears on a website or when a service goes down? Service monitoring can send you a text message, email, or even make an automated phone call that tells you when some event occurs.

Data Scraping

Is there a public source of data that you need to regularly check (like the National Weather Service, SEC Filings, or pipeline informational postings)? DashboardQ can monitor the data and send reports, build custom maps, or send you a notification email or text message when the data is updated.

TV Dashboard or Scoreboard

If you have a TV in your office on which you would like to have real time business data listed, DashboardQ can create a custom TV dashboard or scoreboard to help your team easily get a view of the state of the business. You can use scoreboards to help provide motivation to achieve business goals.

Media Processing

Do you do a lot of work with media files? Maybe you add an intro and outro to every one of your media files? DashboardQ can help you automate that process.


Do you need a transcript of your media files? DashboardQ can work with you to create transcripts for each of your media files.

Word Document Generation

Word documents are where a lot of information is initially created for businesses. DashboardQ can generate documents from templates or create new files based off of provided data.

Invoice Creator

Creating invoices should not be a tedious process. If your current invoice systems are taking up a lot of time, DashboardQ can help speed up the process of creating and sending an invoice to a client.

Payment Distribution

If you would like to distribute funds to business partners using online tools, DashboardQ can setup easy to use payment distribution systems.

Data Reports

Businesses generate a lot of data. DashboardQ can provide tools to turn that data into easy to read reports that gives you vital information about your business processes.

Data Visualization

Sometimes data needs to be displayed in a way that makes it more impactful. DashboardQ can provide charting and data visualization tools for your data sets.

Custom Calculators

If your business needs to make calculations that require complicated spreadsheets, DashboardQ can take those complicated spreadsheets and condense them into easy to use custom calculators that any of your employees can use.

Text Message or Email Notifications

If you have some kind of system that you have to regularly monitor (whether an online system or a physical system), DashboardQ can provide tools that can automatically generate text messages or emails to let you know something happened.

Employee Reporting

Sometimes you need employees to report information back to you. DashboardQ can create simple reporting tools that makes it easy for your employees to send information and makes it easy for you to view the information that is submitted.

Custom CRM Functions

If you need a special Customer Relations Management system, DashboardQ can build unique software tools specifically for your needs.

Marketing Tracking

If you have numerous marketing campaigns but rudimentary tracking tools, DashboardQ can provide you with custom tracking tools so that you can track your campaigns to see which ones were actually successful.

Inventory Tracking

If you need help tracking inventory or some other internal system, DashboardQ can provide tools to track inventory or simplify your internal processes.

If you have systems or processes that are tedious, painful, slow, or just needs to be modernized, DashboardQ can provide a solution that is both simple and affordable.

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