DashboardQ Product: Military CAVS Enhancer


If you have access to the Department of Defense's SDDC CAVS system, Military CAVS Enhancer is a browser plugin that improves the usability of the CAVS section of the SDDC system.

Military CAVS Enhancer also adds an automated notification system that will email you whenever a shipment appears that matches your criteria.


Lets say you regularly check the CAVS system throughout the day. The CAVS system typically looks something like this (fake data displayed):

The CAVS system users SPLC numbers for origins and destinations which makes it difficult to find specific locations without looking up the SPLC numbers.

In addition, the CAVS list is updated throughout the day so in order to stay updated, you have to constantly refresh the page.


To start using the Military CAVS Enhancer, you simply install a Chrome browser plugin and enter your access code.

Now any time you load CAVS, the page gets a number of new features as you can see from this screenshot (fake data displayed):

As you can see, the plugin adds two new columns called Orig-ST and Dest-ST. The plugin interprets SPLC numbers and displays the state abbreviations for the SPLC number.

The plugin also adds the ability to sort the rows based on the columns. As you can see in the screenshot, the Orig-ST column is displayed in ascending order. Clicking the header of any column will sort the rows based on that column.

The last feature of the Military CAVS Enhancer is the automatic reloads with notification filters. As you can see in the screenshot, the countdown in the top right shows that an automatic reload will happen in 14 minutes and 27 seconds.

Every 5 - 15 minutes, the browser plugin will automatically reload the page and compare the latest info against any filters you set. If any new info matches a filter, you will receive an email notification.

On the DashboardQ system, you will get a simple filter page that looks something like this:

From To Equipment

If the above filters were set (empty filters are ignored) when the example above loaded, you would receive the following email:

By improving the CAVS system and adding automated notifications, the Military CAVS Enhancer can greatly improve your ability to utilize the SDDC CAVS system.

Getting Started

If the Military CAVS Enhancer is something that you think could be helpful to your business, let us know by filling out the contact form: Military CAVS Enhancer Contact Form.