DashboardQ Product: Email Attachment Parser


Whenever you receive an email with an excel attachment, the Email Attachment Parser can read the excel file and perform an action if the excel file contains specific data.


Lets say you get an email each morning that has an excel file attached. Lets say the email and excel file looks like this:


In your email account, we will setup a special rule that will forward these shipment emails to a custom DashboardQ email address.

We will also setup a page that allows you to enter filters. The filter page will be real simple and look something like this:

From To Equipment

Whenever an email comes in that matches your filters (empty filters will be ignored), it will immediately send out emails for the matches.

So if the initial example email came in with the above filters set, the following emails would be sent out:

As you can see, emails will only go out if the filters match. Also, if one contact has multiple matches, the system will only send one email to that contact.

Getting Started

This is just one example of the many ways that the Email Attachment Parser can work. Both the actions and the filters can be completely customized to handle your specific situation. If the Email Attachment Parser is something that you think could be helpful to your business, let us know by filling out the contact form: Email Attachment Parser Contact Form.